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Because it takes a village.

In-Person Courses

This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information.

Online Courses (Synchronous)

This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information.

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Online Skill Share and

Certification Courses(ASynchronous)

Classes are conducted on our Village Schoolhouse Interactive Learning Platform (additional account login will be provided). Learn or share skills and resources with experts from your local community and beyond. Classes that revolve around your schedule. Get certified, learn a new trade, connect with other learners.

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Courses by Teacher

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Before enrolling for any course, make sure To apply for financial assistance

Make sure to fill out the following form before enrolling in courses or booking any services. Qualifying applicants will receive a tuition reduction voucher. Follow these instructions to make sure you enroll at the correct tuition rate.

1. Fill out the form

Make sure to fill out each section of the form provided in the link to the left of here.

2. eligible applicants receive Voucher via email

Applications and eligibility based on household income and family size. Eligible families will receive a message in the form telling them what tuition rate they will receive.

3. Begin enrollment process

A follow up email will be sent with voucher code. If you do not receive a message in the form, please proceed with course enrollment at the listed rate.

4. apply tuition voucher code

Apply your voucher coupon during the course enrollment and checkout process.

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Step 1: Find your tuition rate

Step 1 of 3

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Step 2: Find and enroll in your course or service

Step 2 of 3

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Step 3: Learn more about how you have and can continue to impact the community

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Your dollars at work: Aug. 2023

Financial Assistance

Communitea Donations

Teacher Development

Operational Expenses

Organizational Development


Investment and Growth






Learn more about our Consortium Transparency Policy. What are our goals? How are we funding them? Challenge us to do better with constructive feedback and solution offerings in our Village Commons Forum!

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Educated Consumerism, Holistic Altruism:

Choices and dollars that make a direct impact


is devoted to business development ventures aimed at providing transparent, equitable, and sustainable solutions in our business and social practices. Every decision is based on impact on our community. This includes funding scholarships and financial assistance for families with demonstrated need.


of your dollars go towards operational  expenses. This allows us to provide our workers with above industry standard pay + benefits. Employees come first. Leadership is paid only after our people are taken care of.


of annual profits are donated to the Communitea Project to help finance and fund community welfare services in the areas of housing, healthcare, education, and comunity entrepeneurialism

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Our company is a member of the Communitea Consortium. Communitea Project (501(c)3) created this initiative to help build and amplify local small business, specifically in underserved communities, towards a common goal of creating transparent, sustainable, and equitable community - by the community for the community. Have a business and share in our mission? Want to start a business and build community in your area but need help getting started? Learn more and get started here!

As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible.

EIN 87-3898792

Village TEacher is a proud sponsor partner of the Communitea Project

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Ways To get involved

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There are lots of ways to become a part of our Village. Check out more details on the actions you can take to help improve educational access and outcomes in your community!


High school and college students, as well as professionals with a heart and will to serve the community. A Village is built with many hands. Come lend yours to the work!


Looking for a space to develop a program or curriculum? In need of mentorship? Just need to get connected with a community looking for what you are teaching?


Lend your time, talent, and resources or benefit from our Village's!

Click for specific opportunities


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