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Because it takes a village.

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Who are we?

What do we do?

Our Mission

The Village Teacher was founded by educators from around the globe with a simple purpose in mind: work in communities to create a space where we can create, incubate, and connect educational innovation in ways that are relevant to the community.  Each program and initiative is built on a foundation of inclusion, equitability, and access that meets the specific needs of the communities we work with.

Our programs are built on the idea that sustainable, equitable, and community relevant education can only truly developed by sharing intimate time and space with individuals from different communities and experiences. Access and inclusion to these types of experiences should never be withheld on the basis of socioeconomic privilege. If a learner or educator has the desire to learn or share, it is our mission to find sustainable, equitable, and transparent solutions for supporting and facilitating their educational goals.

What we do...

connect communities with educators and programs

Connecting aspiring educators with excellent public, independent, and charter schools and educational programs. We work in communities to make sure that people from diverse identities, life experiences, and skill sets are mentored, supported and connected with learning communities around the US and abroad.

incubate Educators and 

educational programs

We help build transparent, equitable, sustainable educational programs and develop aspiring educators. We provide mentoring and platforms (online and in-person) for teachers and programs to grow.

professional development and certification

Come share and learn skills and knowledge from local area experts, tradespeople both online and in-person. K-16 courses, as well as certification programs. The village school exists as a commons to amplify the many amazing teachers, opportunities, and programs that many are often unaware exist in their community.

Amplify work in the community

Our platform exists to give a public, shared platform for promoting educational programs that might otherwise exist in a silo. We do this buy helping aspiring programs and teachers build connections with our communities, develop their marketing, messaging, and materials, as well as provide mentorship and help with program development.

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Featured Product

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Carbon Fiber

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Aerodynamic Design

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All-Weather Tire

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Cutout Saddle

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Educated Consumerism, Holistic Altruism:

Choices and dollars that make a direct impact


is devoted to business development ventures aimed at providing transparent, equitable, and sustainable solutions in our business and social practices. Every decision is based on impact on our community. This includes funding scholarships and financial assistance for families with demonstrated need.


of your dollars go towards operational  expenses. This allows us to provide our workers with above industry standard pay + benefits. Employees come first. Leadership is paid only after our people are taken care of.


of annual profits are donated to the Communitea Project to help finance and fund community welfare services in the areas of housing, healthcare, education, and comunity entrepeneurialism

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Your dollars at work: Aug. 2023

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Communitea Donations

Teacher Development

Operational Expenses

Organizational Development


Investment and Growth






Learn more about our Consortium Transparency Policy. What are our goals? How are we funding them? Challenge us to do better with constructive feedback and solution offerings in our Village Commons Forum!

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Ways To get involved

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There are lots of ways to become a part of our Village. Check out more details on the actions you can take to help improve educational access and outcomes in your community!


High school and college students, as well as professionals with a heart and will to serve the community. A Village is built with many hands. Come lend yours to the work!


Looking for a space to develop a program or curriculum? In need of mentorship? Just need to get connected with a community looking for what you are teaching?


Lend your time, talent, and resources or benefit from our Village's!

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