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Because it takes a village.

Jeremy's Classes and Services

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Jeremy Smith 史老師

Executive Director, Mandarin Teacher, Teacher Mentor, Curriculum Development

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Before enrolling for any course, make sure To apply for financial assistance

Make sure to fill out the following form before enrolling in courses or booking any services. Qualifying applicants will receive a tuition reduction voucher. Follow these instructions to make sure you enroll at the correct tuition rate.

1. Fill out the form

Make sure to fill out each section of the form provided in the link to the left of here.

2. eligible applicants receive Voucher via email

Applications and eligibility based on household income and family size. Eligible families will receive a message in the form telling them what tuition rate they will receive.

3. Begin enrollment process

A follow up email will be sent with voucher code. If you do not receive a message in the form, please proceed with course enrollment at the listed rate.

4. apply tuition voucher code

Apply your voucher coupon during the course enrollment and checkout process.

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Course Syllabi

Click on links in blue for full screen presentations

World LAnguage Track

Mandarin, Spanish, Portugese, Arabic, Japanese and Korean class syllabi can all be found here.

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